Yousif Shamoo
Yousif Shamoo

Welcome to the first edition of Rice Research Review. This annual online publication highlights a sampling of Rice University’s research pursuits and accomplishments over the previous year.

In this run of the publication, you will find stories about Rice’s research achievements in various fields as well as a special section devoted to COVID-19 and the university’s efforts to help end the pandemic and prepare for similar outbreaks in the future.

Although the pandemic marks one of the most devastating public health challenges of our time, it represents a unique opportunity for research, a process people now more than ever see as extremely important to paving the way to a productive future.

Another painful opportunity that arose from tragic events last year was the ever-brightening spotlight on racism, inequality and injustice in America. To better understand how race, racism and racial injustice affect society, Rice created the Race and Anti-Racism Research Fund with the goal of supporting research that creates a more diverse, equitable and inclusive university, community and world.

Research has and always will provide a foundation for change. New technologies, applications and knowledge allow us to bring greater prosperity and well-being to the world, and to inspire our students and enhance learning opportunities.

As one of the nation’s leading wide-spectrum research universities with a strategic plan that focuses our effort to achieve impact and excellence in selected areas, Rice seeks to translate our research into social benefits for communities across the globe.

Our size impels us to be highly collaborative with government, industry, private foundations and other universities. Therefore, we welcome all partners to join us in our mission. We believe research is fundamental to every aspect of the university’s overall mission and to advancing human knowledge and creativity, and to making vital contributions to the betterment of society.

It is always fulfilling to watch researchers across Rice collaborate, innovate and come up with creative solutions to so many of our world’s problems and questions. It was especially satisfying last year considering the physical, mental and emotional challenges faced by all.

I invite you to please take a moment to learn more about the research that’s being done at Rice and the impact it is making far and wide.

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Yousif Shamoo
Vice Provost for Research